What We Do


What We Do

Biblical Clarity provides teaching and proclamation of Biblical truth by means of Bible exposition, articles, seminars or preaching.


Bible Exposition

The following section contains a growing number of Bible expositions. Most of these come as a result of weekly sermon preparation and preaching. The goal in these expositions is to provide a clear understanding of the relevant passage of Scripture with the view of encouraging and equipping the people of God.



These articles include a wide range of topics. This section continues to have new articles added and they are written from a Biblical perspective. Some of the topics covered are, doctrine, preaching, relationships, the will of God and many others.



Andrew Courtis is available for Bible teaching and/or preaching in seminars, conferences, camps, or Bible study groups. Andrew’s priority is his ministry at Hills Bible Church. So any ministry engagements outside will need to be discussed with the Eldership at HBC.