A Ministry that Glorifies God (Romans 15:14-33)

Today there are many components and methods used today in Christian ministry. Many of these are designed to appeal to the desires of people. This method is often referred to as being “Seeker Sensitive”. Sadly, many people determine a successful ministry by large numbers. Biblically speaking, true success is determined by faithfulness. Without question, the … More A Ministry that Glorifies God (Romans 15:14-33)

How to be United when Divided (Romans 14:1-15:13)

There are many differences in the life of the church – differences that range from personality to preferences. It is the responsibility of God’s people to mutually accept one another. Not an acceptance that tolerates or ignores sinful conduct, but an acceptance on non-essential issues that the Bible doesn’t specifically prohibit. Sadly, there has been … More How to be United when Divided (Romans 14:1-15:13)

The Believer’s Responsibilities (Romans 12)

After laying a strong foundation of the gospel of Jesus Christ in the first 11 chapters, Paul transitions into the last section of this book (12-16) which focuses on the believer’s responsibilities in light of those chapters. He begins by stating what the believer’s responsibility to the Lord is (12:1-2) then focuses on their responsibility … More The Believer’s Responsibilities (Romans 12)